We must declare it to the next generation - Ps. 78:6

Unqualified Drop Card


Maybe you have a tainted past. You let yourself get pulled into promiscuity, drugs, sabotage, or theft. Maybe you’ve never had any of these major struggles, but you still battle with insecurity. You can’t imagine God would ever use you! You’re completely unqualified. But the truth is God wants to use you exactly where you are because you are unqualified.

Unqualified is a journey into the realization that you are not God’s last resort. On this drop card is a compilation of messages that will teach you the truth about God’s plan to use every submitted person.


Card Includes All Unqualified Messages:

  • Ah, Sovereign Lord
  • Interview with the Holy Spirit
  • You Can't Cut My Hair
  • Royalty Sometimes Comes Broken
  • The Donkey, the Corpse, and the Lion
  • One Step Away
  • The Unqualified Entrepreneur
  • The Cry From the Tombs
  • Am I Not Enough?
  • Calling Forth the Unqualified and more!