We must declare it to the next generation - Ps. 78:6

Taking Back Your Home Digital Download Card

What are we doing to restore the next generation?  We are one generation away from the extinction of Pentecost!  In order to bring your children back to a place of true freedom, there has to be an urgency to restore the place of the encounter where our kids can meet God. We are living in a time where parents are not in households and children have the liberty to pursue what they desire.  But it is time to wake up and raise godly kids that will carry on your legacy!  Don’t sit back and wait for someone to bring your kids an encounter. You’re called to be the gatekeepers of your home. This series will challenge you to take back your seed. You are called to be the light and spiritual thermostat of your home.  Rise up, and take back your household for God! It’s time to rebuild the altar back in homes!