We must declare it to the next generation - Ps. 78:6

Rebuilding The Altar


Order your copy of "Rebuilding the Altar" by Pat & Karen Schatzline.  Released on August 1, 2017

Reject spiritual passivity by confronting areas of compromise in your life that prevent you from experiencing revival so that you can restore a hunger for a fresh encounter with God. You can feel it. Something isn’t quite right. You long for a closer walk with God, but He seems far away. You go to church. You read the Bible. But you don’t experience His presence. Why? Because you have forsaken the altar—the place where you meet with God.

It's time to be revived and encounter the presence and power of God like never before. It will bring life back to your home, to your house of worship, and to the nation. Experience daily, intimate fellowship with God, and you will never be the same.