We must declare it to the next generation - Ps. 78:6

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Are you ready for an adventure with God?  We pray the messages in this series transform your life to another level. With over 20 years of ministry to hundreds of thousands of students and adults on four different continents, Evangelists Pat and Karen Schatzline are two of America's leading communicators at churches, events, and conferences. As the founders of Remnant Ministries International and The Remnant School of Ministry, their passion is to raise up the next generation of leaders. Pat and Karen believe now is the time to grab your God-given destiny, and walk in deep relationship with Christ. This powerful ministry will truly bless you. We encourage you to hide away, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to have your world revolutionized.

Our physical bodies can go without water for only three days before they start shutting down. At that point, we become unable to function as we were created to, and our minds start playing tricks on us.  In the same way, when we aren’t regularly filled up spiritually, we are unable to function properly as Christians. Because of spiritual dehydration, our hope deteriorates, we lose focus, and we become ineffective in life.  God is waiting on you.  He has streams of refreshing, life-giving water.  All you have to do is show up! In this series, Karen assures you that God is the wellspring of life that is ready to overflow into your life through messages that lead you to an encounter with the Heavenly Father.